The Countdown Begins

About 18 months ago my husband started his Master’s degree. And about 18 months ago, I started a big blanket project.

Last week, he started his last semester of school, and that made me realise that I need to up my game. So, for the past weekend you could see us either home or at cafes – one completely absorbed in his homework, the other vigorously crocheting (although, there was an hour or two where I too tried my hand at linear equations ;)).

Here’s my progress so far, 87 squares, all from the Last Dance on the Beach. Compared to the first blanket, where I had absolutely no say in picking the colours, this one looks so timid and calm. Maybe a bit too timid and calm.


Tonight will be all about that 1 last square, weaving in ends, and spending hours on obsessing over the right layout. And, as my husband will start writing his thesis, I will start joining the squares. Seems like an equal amount of work to me πŸ˜€



Regress is also kind of progress

Remember the Friendship Day Socks I am knitting? That’s their current state.


Just kidding. I do actually have a bit more than that by now. But I did come to the point where I frogged both of them into little balls of yarn. I just could not continue convincing myself I was happy with the quality of my work.


When I started knitting those socks, I completely shrugged off the well-known truth that multi-yarn knitting has a tendency to pull and be too tight. I have always been a rather loose knitter, so I thought that it will never become an issue for me. Besides, for the first time I was knitting with the inside out – a method advised to avoid pulling.

Let’s just say that I achieved loose knitting and pulling at the same time. For most of the time I convinced myself that it is ok for the socks to be a bit 3d (:P)and besides, it is more about the process anyway.

And then I passed the heels. And all of the sudden my tension went tighter. And it looked so much better. And I just could not lie to myself any more. So, I pulled the socks apart.
If only I had thought of how annoying it is to frog three yarns at the same time too! πŸ˜€

Sometimes it all comes together

Last night I went out to dinner with a friend, and finished it up with a coffee. Of course it resulted in me staying up until 1am, watching the news and crocheting. My hands were also fuelled by the weather forecast that promised sunshine for the next day. This meant, that if I could get the Last Dance on the Beach blanket done, I could wash it in the morning, and it would have a full sunny day to dry up on the balcony.


And here it is today, sunbathing on the balcony. I still can’t believe it is finally done! The realisation hits me every time I pass the window and see it hanging out there! I won’t consider it completely done just yet – I want to press it a bit, and then I can present it to you in its full glory. Until then, however, I can share the key learning points from joining the squares:

  1. If there is an instruction, I should never improvise! I don’t know where my confidence comes from, but every now and then I look at the pattern or instruction and decide that I know a better or an easier way. About 95% of the times this does not prove to be true.
  2. The best protocol for joining, especially if I am doing the type of join for the first time goes like that: count, pin, re-count, re-pin, re-count, crochet. I can’t tell you how many times I frogged, because a) it is just embarrassing, and b) I don’t think there is enough characters in the blog post available.
  3. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again… never ever ever try a new technique with dark-coloured yarns. Because this is a guaranteed way of going blind. Or mad. Or possibly both.

How Are Those Resolutions Doing?

pelagias-sheep-on-christmas-treeBy now the holiday season is really over – this morning I even took out the juniper branches that was our version of the Christmas tree this year. I know I am a week late with my resolutions… I’ve been dwelling whether to set myself any craft goals for 2017 or not since Christmas, and finally decided to do it. There are two main reasons behind it.

For one, I feel that in general, I have been rather passive towards life this past year. To be honest, I can’t complain about 2016 on a personal level at all – I got engaged, I got a new job, I got to do some pretty fun freelance projects, I got to travel a lot and visited 3 new countries. However, with so much happening, it is so easy to just let things take place, and lose the habit of taking initiative. Instead, there are just excuses. What’s the point of calling up a friend to set up a dinner date, as I am in the country for just one week… I’m too tired from my last plane ride, so instead of reading a good book, let me waste my time on Facebook instead… I would totally finish knitting that baby blanket now, if only it wasn’t in the other apartment right now…

The second reason is much more pragmatic though πŸ™‚ I held Christmas dinner for my close family in the apartment I have been living in on and off (and more off) for the last 4 years. My dinner table is usually pushed against a corner, and it has provided a nice dark little hiding place for all my yarn, unfinished projects, and who knows what else. But now when we had to move the table, there was no way to ignore the pile of boxes and baskets staring at me.

So, here are my resolutions for 2017:

  1. No more purchases of yarn until I have sorted out and started making use of the chaos in the corner of the living room.
  2. I will finish one project each month. And to help that I will start writing things down (so I can’t discard a project just because I forgot which size hook I used, or how I did my calculations), and blog about it to be more accountable.
  3. I will be more proactive. This does not only apply to yarn and crafts, but if my choice of entertainment for the evening is look at cat photos on the internet or knit, I will choose the latter!

Let’s keep an eye on each other, so we all actually pull through πŸ˜€


Pelagia returns…

Since my last post at Pelagia’s NeedlesΒ life has been turbulent – I’ve lived in three different countries on different continents, learned how to pack or unpack my life withing hours if necessary, had a laptop blow up, and of course, lost all my passwords to the old blog and e-mail address in the whole process. But things have somewhat stabilized, and I’ve even had time for my needles again. So, here is the new journey documenting mainly what I crochet and knit… but I might throw in a cake recipe, a travel story, or just an ode to coffee every now and then.

Welcome to Pelagia’s Planet!