Guerilla Christmas


As you can see, I have done more than a few of those hearts during the past week. And more than a few have found new homes. For example, I was visiting a friend from university times a few days back. While she was busy baking us the most amazing cinnamon swirls, I sat on her couch, crocheted, and secretly covered a corner of her living room with red hearts 😀 Some hearts have also sneaked into Christmas gifts. And the last lot above will become a garland, most probably in our own living room.


Things are also progressing on my “not-a-snowflake” doily. I’ve always loved big projects because of the challenge they pose. And this one is definitely a challenge. The pattern is made up of four parts: a central doily, a round of leaves and flowers (each crocheted separately), a second layer of crocheting in the round, and another round of leaves and flowers. It will keep me busy for a while.


It will also keep me busy for a while, because I ran out of thread! 😦 I managed to buy the last ball from my local shop, and they don’t have a clue when the next batch comes in. I tried the same shop in a different town during a work trip, but of course I did not take the doily nor thread samples with me. The shop had several different types of off-white, and I was not sure which one was the correct one. I am going back this week – please keep your fingers crossed I’ll find the right thread!

1st Advent

Today has been an absolutely luxurious day for me – I have the home all to myself! 😀 With the storm raging outside my day has been filled with organising stuff around the house, drinking lots of linden tea, and of course, crochet!

The Drops Design Christmas calendar had a heart pattern, so I decided to give crocheting decorations one more try. They’re not too bad, so I might make up some more during the upcoming weeks. After all, we decided we will be getting a Christmas tree this year.


Sorry or the badly lit photo though. We’re in the season where instead of day and night we get dim, dark and darker. Which reminds me, I have to go and light the first advent candle… I wonder how many other countries have that tradition?