Taking the Pony for a Test Drive

Lately I have been getting very antsy with minimizing my stash. I mean, I do have a rather modest amount of yarn, however there are skeins in these boxes that have been waiting to become something for years. Now, pair that with that foggy evening when I was feeling particulary low, and boom! a unicorn pony started to happen!

I will not get tired of saying how much I love HeidiBear’s patterns. They are fun, easy to follow, yet keep me busy 🙂 So, as a bit of retail therapy I decided to purchase her Fatty Lumpkin pattern (I do have to do some research on why on earth would she a call such a lovely animal like that?! :D).

From the bottom of my boxes I found several skeins of Steinbach Wolle, a mix of acrylic and wool. These are all leftovers from the time that I made dozens of baby blankets. Honestly, I am not sure how the babies who got those blankets feel about them, because right now the yarn feels rough and rather unfriendly. Sorry, babies!

However, the yarn feels like a good toy yarn. Here’s my progress so far… only the nose and the “accessories” to go…


The Flying Monkey

I have a dear friend who was born in the year of the monkey. Considering, that the current year is also the year of the monkey, and in the beginning of the year I came across this wonderful pattern at Heart & Sew, it seemed very appropriate to make her a cheeky monkey as a gift.

Flying Monkey, Pattern by Heart and SewI call it the flying monkey, because most of the work got done on flights between Helsinki and Moscow and Dubai. I must say, I love my bamboo crochet hooks. My hands do get tired with them, but at least I can take them on board of airplanes with no problems!  For a very long time the poor animal was blind – it took me more time going to shops in different countries to find suitable eyes than crocheting, stuffing and sewing the thing.

Flying Monkey back, pattern by Heart and SewI tweaked the original pattern on the go, mainly due to the fact that I ran out of the lighter-coloured yarn. From the photos you can also understand that my monkey is especially cheeky – it was the first toy I have ever crocheted. And in the process I realised that what toys require is a good sense of symmetry… which I don’t think I have a lot of :D Somewhere along all those flights and packing and unpacking I lost one of the arms. Redoing one that matches the other took me at least 6 attempts, even though I was following the pattern stitch by stitch :O

Instead of making a fez from the original pattern, I thought of dressing the monkey up a bit, but finally decided to leave it naked. I know my friend will get a good laugh over that… because she is a bit of a monkey herself 😉