Crochet-Enabling Weather

These past days we’ve been having snowstorms and cold temperatures in double digits, so I’ve really only went out of the house for the inevitable – work, gym, and a few meetups with friends that were long overdue. The rest of the time I have mostly spent wrapped up in blankets, with my back against the heater and a hook in my hands.

Pelagia: Lana Gatto Misina

The picture above is the colour scheme for a baby blanket, which I need to finish by end of January. This is when I get on a plane to visit family friends, who are expecting a baby! They have told us the gender of the baby, but I tend to prefer gender-neutral colours for bay stuff. So this time, the blanket will have natural greens, beige, and a little bit of sunshine tied in. We all need a bit of sunshine these days.

Pelagia: Neat Ripple Blanket

I am using the Neat Ripple pattern from Lucy of Attic24. I love her work. What she does is so simple, but at the same time her colour combinations are an instant cheer-up!

Now, who wants to be my cheerleader, so I can get this thing done by January 24th? 😀




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