The Last Dance on the Beach: weeks 5 and 6

Week 5: Footprints in the Sand

Last Dance on the Beach, week 5Yarn: Colour Crafter Amstelveen

Hook size: 3

After the struggles I had with the last square, this one was a breeze! It was wonderfully easy to make, and  the idea of footprints on the blanket is so cute! However, I do wish the prints had remained more visible. Not sure if I should blame myself or the yarn for that 😉 Also, I somehow ended up with less footprints that at the original pattern.

Week 6: corner to corner 

Last Dance on the Beach, week 6Yarn:  Colour Crafter Veendam

Hook size: 4

I started making this square late in the evening. It was dark, and I was fishing for the right colour from my yarn stash from under the desk, which is even darker. You can imagine I was not terribly excited about working out with another dark-coloured yarn. BUT… so far, this square has been the most fun to make! It was not complicated at all, but at the same time, your brain does get a little challenge with all those direction changes. I don’t know if I can figure out where is up or down though.

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