The Last Dance on the Beach: weeks 3 and 4

Last Dance on the Beach, week 3Week 3: Sunset

Yarn: Scheepjes Colour Crafter, Leeuwarden

Hook size: 4

Sometimes I am good at sabotaging myself. Following the discussions I got the impression that this square was problematic to many. So, I mentally prepared myself for a challenge. And a challenge it was – it took me 45 minutes to complete the first line! I crocheted, and counted, and frogged. I read through tens of Facebook posts to see if everyone had the same problem as I did. I watched the instructional video over and over again, paying extra attention to the complicated bits.

And then I discovered that my problem had nothing to do with the complicated bits. I had just added an extra stitch to the pattern every single time I tried to complete the row. And it took me so long to notice that, because all my effort was spent on the “complicated” part. But after that, it was all smooth sailing!

Last Dance on the Beach, week 4Week 4: The Waves

Yarn: Scheepjes Colour Crafter, Delft

Hook size: 4,5

This poor square got no love from me. I struggled with the dark yarn, I struggled with getting the hook size right, I struggled with what seemed like never-ending rows of 28 half-trebles. Even though it is not a very complicated pattern, I estimate I frogged at least 4 full squares before I got 4 wonky squares that were more or less ok. Blocking helped a bit, but I think I overdid it with stretching a bit.

But look, put it all together, and it almost looks like a blanket already!!! 🙂

Last Dance on the Beach, weeks 1-4


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