Last Dance on The Beach: weeks 1 and 2

Let’s be honest, these last days I have spent an insane amount of time crocheting and scrolling through the Facebook group for this CAL. Here is my progress report:

Last Dance on the Beach, week 1Week 1: The Popcorns

Yarn: Scheepjes Colour Crafter: Den Bosch

Hook size: 4

It was very nice of the organisers of this CAL to start off with some low-hanging fruit 😉 I have never done the popcorn stitch before, but making the square went nice and easy. The perfectionist in me feels that the kernels could be more similar to each other. But I do not think such small details will be an issue when the whole blanket is ready. During the swatch-making I realised my work needs to be a bit more loose. Considering the first blocks are slightly bigger than the swatch, I say mission completed!

Last Dance on the Beach, week 2Week 2: The Stars   

Yarn: Scheepjes Colour Crafter, Kampen

Hook size: 5

Carried by the sense of success I got from completing the first squares, I optimistically dived into the next ones. And there was one trouble after another. Firstly, the yarn is too dark to understand what is going on. When I finally got a hang of the stitch, I struggled with getting the hook right. There were moments when I had a perfect-sized square ready, but upon counting the stars I found out there were 13 instead of 14. Or 15. But now that I have them ready, I really like the texture of these block. I am looking forward to making them for a lighter coloured blanket.Last Dance on the Beach, weeks 1 and 2


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