The Dance That Almost Did Not Happen, part 2

The story starts here.

Unfortunately the Dance Under the Stars was a colour combo that did not agree with me or him at all. I contacted the vendor once again who apologised that they were out of stock with all the kits, returned my money, and told me to keep the kit I got as a gift. I decided to make it into a “practice blanket”, and make another one in a different colour scheme later.

I now had the yarn. But, I realised I will be needing different-sized hooks. My collection of crochet hooks is very eclectic: there are plastic ones that were part of a kit I got when I was in pre-school. There are metallic ones that were probably used by my grandmas. There are a couple of bamboo ones, that I have bought to use on board of airplanes. Basically, a proper mess. 🙂

I decided to treat myself to a set of good quality hooks, and picked out 7 Clover Amour needles from the website of a small vendor. She is a great crafter herself, and I am all for supporting small businesses. But somehow we ended up in the same limbo as with the yarn: messages disappearing into a black hole, the order arriving late, and some of the hooks even later.

The Rainbow of Clover Hooks
My adorable new Clover hooks! The whole mess was totally worth it!
ance Under the Stars swatch
The swatch in its unblocked glory.

But now I have the yarn, I have the hooks, and 10 weeks of catching up to do.

At least the swatch was quick and easy. 😉


The Dance That Almost Did Not Happen

Back in March I came across Last Dance on the Beach, and I immediately wanted to participate. I liked the blankets to be crocheted, and I liked the idea of a crochet-a-long, that raises money for a specific charity. So, I consulted with my other half on which colour scheme would go well with our home, and ordered the Basic Kit for Dance in the Sea. It was three weeks before the kick-off of the CAL, so I figured I was well in time.

As a disclaimer, I do have to say that so far I have never managed to complete a single knit-a-long or crochet-a-long within a schedule. Neither my life nor my crafting style fits a regular schedule. I guess the universe already knew it, so it set me up for a different ride with that particular project.

So, I get all excited, join the Facebook group, cheer enthusiastically over all the posts from other participants saying their yarn got delivered, go through all the photos of the swatches made, try to keep up with all the discussions about the square on week 1… But what is not happening is my yarn showing up.

I don’t give up, I write to the vendor. First attempt, no answer. Second attempt, they apologise and say that they have been overwhelmed with the popularity of the CAL, and unfortunately they have not had a chance to even complete my order. Upon my third attempt where I try to cancel my order and get my money back, they miraculously discover that they actually sent out my order three weeks ago. But there are no shipping documents they could show me.

With my enhtusiasm significantly lower, I leave for a month of travels. But I still keep checking every day if the yarn has arrived. Finally, it shows up. But not at the address given in the order, but at a port office where we have our PO Box. We don’t go there very often, so I am not sure how long it had been sitting there. 🙂

I get all excited again, even though I am still far from home. I ask my partner to count the skeins to make sure everything is ok. During one of our Skype sessions he offers to show me the yarns, so he takes the skeins out them one by one… I see pink, and then orange, and then purple…

“They’ve sent me the wrong kit!” I exclaim.

He sighs and says, “I guess we’ll have an ugly blanket then.”

To be continued…